Sunday, June 26, 2011

Summer Project : Re-making my early dolls

I started making dolls in 2009.  Many of them were horrible monsters!  But I'm glad that I saved them because I am now in the process of up-cycling them.  Their bodies and most of their clothes were just fine.  I did new sculpting and painting on all these three dolls that I made 2 years ago.

I love re-doing my old dolls because I have to work around a fixed framework.  For example, this doll's head was put on wrong - turning permanently to the side.  I turned her into a side glancing doll and now I like her.

This is a doll that I gave to my mom 2 years ago on Mother's Day.  I think that I used Dixie's free template pattern to make her.  It's funny how she retains the original spirit of the doll that I first made.  I had used a styrofoam ball, masking tape, and tissue paper as the head armature.  I dug it all out so that I could sculpt with paper clay and cook in an oven.  I had totally forgotten how I had made my earlier dolls.

This is the third time that I have re-made this little doll.  It's the last time that it will happen!  She's wearing a dress from a Gail Wilson pattern...can't remember which one.  I had forgotten how cute this dress pattern was.

Three little friends!


  1. Three very pretty and precious dolls! I can't imagine they ever looked "horrible." Have you given them names? They really are sweet.

  2. tus muñecas tienen un aire tan especial....!!

  3. Retrofitting dolls, huh? Good idea!! I have some that could do with a makeover. I like what you have done with these three...the side casting eyes is good...the crackle finish is good.....Three pretty dolls out of the deal!!! (And, by the do you have time to do all you do and still find time to do some reading??? You amaze me!!!!!)

  4. They are so pretty now, what a great job and idea. I just love their little faces and the little girl looking sideways is delish.

  5. Elaine Your topknot doll is lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. They're beautiful! One my current Izzy DIPs has his face turned just a little. I like that you made yours a side-glancing doll...