Thursday, June 30, 2011


Mother possum left 5 babies on our fence and in the pear tree last night.

I finished re-doing the boy from this pair of dolls that I made in 2009 for my mom.  They are named Irvin and Frances Jeanne. 

Awesome ball of pond scum that my daughter, age 13, collected in the local swimming hole yesterday.  She says that she's going to turn it into roving and felt it.  Talented child.


  1. Your boy/girl redo pair are soooo cute...darling outfits...are they new too? Now you have me thinking redo! Felting from pond scum...another innovative thinker in the family, for sure!

  2. I worked part time at a "roadside zoo" a long time possums are fierce! Go girlie with the felted pond scum!

    So are you giving Irvin and Frances back to your Mom or has she lost them forever? :~)

  3. Thanks for commenting, guys! Mary - The boy and girl were re-done dolls. They're my mom's and Jan, they're already back home in Mom's house! I had to re-do that the pair because I was tired of walking past them and seeing all of their imperfections. Jan - the possums ARE fierce! They're still in our yard, hissing at us. They're very cute, though. Our main job right now is to keep our dog from eating them. Gypsy has had quite an exciting week.