Monday, March 23, 2020

Teeny Queen

I sculpted this little doll and Eydth painted her in oils.  I dressed her, using Susan Sirkus' sacque back dress pattern.

I love her little face.

Learning how to do the sacque back pleats.

Little Girl and Doll

Here's my latest oil painting.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Monday, March 9, 2020


She looks very honest.  So I named her Earnestine.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Mom's House

I'm so lucky to have my mom living close to me.  She has a very cozy, pretty home.  Everything in her house is connected with a memory.  It is a happy place to be.

Dolls abound.

Mom's main hobby is quilting.   On the quilt rack are her collection of stencil quilts.

Old family photos, and more.

I think these are her embroidered quilts.

Cherry cannonball bed that belonged to my grandmother.  Mom made the quilt, of course.

Old family photos and more.  The old chair belonged to my mom's grandmother.

The cradle that rocked my mother's grandmother in rural Kentucky in the 1880's sits in a corner of her guest room.  It now rocks some composition dolls.

My mom's father made her the little doll bed when she was a little girl.

Desk that my father made in his high school wood shop class.

Mom's mother made the lovely rug that hangs on the wall.  The chest is the old toy box that my father made us kids.  On top of the toy box are quilts made by my grandmother and my mother's grandmother.

A china doll tea party!  Mom made the beautiful doll dresses.

Dolls galore!  Mom and I share our love for dolls.  I probably inherited it from her.

Little quilts, bonnets, a darling bunny rug by Mom, and rag dolls.

Mom's primitive sheep rug.  Baaaa.

Lovely small quilts, made by mom.

I adore this room.  I learned how to play the piano on the old upright piano.  It still sounds great, even though it was made in the 1910's.

More dolls and pretty things, and a painting by my brother.  It's a painting of Cumberland Falls in Kentucky.

An angel quilt and a primitive child painting by me.

Here is Mom's collection of composition baby dolls.  She found the doll bed in an antique mall in small town in Texas.  It had been sold in a hardware store.  It was part of a special deal in the 1940's...if you bought a complete set of Dionne Quintuplet dolls, this bed came with them!  The dolls were not in the antique mall, but the bed was there.  It's perfect for Mom's compo babies.  These are the type of dolls that she played with in her childhood.  The doll in the chair is exactly like a couple of dolls that Santa brought for her and for her little sister in the 1940's.

This blanket chest belonged to Mom's grandmother.  She remembers that her grandmother kept quilts in it.

Sweet little corner.

Mom made the "broken dishes" quilt on her bed.

A practical sewing table.

A corner cabinet from New England, holding Mom's grandmother's pink depression glass and some of Mom's own fine china that she picked out when she married my dad, along with many other little sentimental treasures.

This is one my favorite places in my mother's house - her fabric closet!  I go on many shopping expeditions in this closet.

Close up of Mom's corner cabinet.   I think the pink depression glass pattern is called Miss America.  The figurines are Jan Hagar children - - most of them are holding dollies.

Mom just made this fantastic little quilt.  It is perfect.


Bears and quilts!

Basket of rolled quilts.

Mom at her sewing machine.  Good stuff.

Mom's inspirational pile on her sewing table.

A sweet china head doll that Mom bought from Edyth's antique booth in an antique mall, when Edyth and Jack had a booth.

Here is a table that Edyth's Jack made many years ago.  Mom's china heads thoroughly enjoy it.

Fun stuff!  The piece of furniture is a meal chest that was made by my great grandfather from a chestnut tree that died from the chestnut blight.

This is an Edyth rug.  Mom hooked it.  Edyth's designs are the best.


My mommy!