Monday, June 20, 2011

Oil painted doll - Olive

Olive stole this dress from a beautiful rag doll that my mom made over 25 years ago.  Her arms and legs are from Dixie's IW pattern, blown up to 200%.  She's a BIG girl!  She fits into a 12 month toddler size dress.

This is the first time that I have ever painted in oils.  It's much different than acrylics.  But I really think this doll looks just like my other dolls, all painted with acrylics.  I keep thinking that I must be missing something special that I could be doing with the oils.  Maybe I should take an oil painting class.

Olive and little Daisy June


  1. You paint so well that your acrylics do look like oils and vice versa. But, for a painter, oil is often superior to acrylic due to the blending/drying qualities of acrylic...they dry fast...and the abilty to blend mutiple layers of oils for luminosity. If you are using organic components to make a doll, oil is more traditional. Nice job on the doll! Quite lovely and quite beautiful!

  2. Olive is beautiful! I really admire your work! Your dolls are simply gorgeous.

  3. Elaine, Olive is marvelous, and the dress is perfection, I adore her side part. You did very well with the oils but I agree with you, I don't see much difference with the oils than with acrylic. I have taken classes in oils and if painting a large area with lots of blending and colors they are better, but I like the acrylics for dolls. I use both a flow agent and a blending medium and I like the fast drying, I think it is just the artist's choice. But Olive Oil is perfect in the oil, great name by the way.

  4. Мне очень нравятся Ваши куклы! В них есть история! Эксперименты с маслом удачны

  5. no importa la pintura...tus muñecas tienen un aire tan especial...!!

  6. She's beautiful...I like her size. My daughter always preferred to have a "baby" that is actually baby-sized. Even if it was almost as big as she was. :~)

    If you prefer acrylic, then use it! You have at least investigated the other to see about it.