Friday, January 24, 2014

Latest Dolls

Rosina now has her own little doll.

Dolls and a bear friend

This doll is named Thankful. I made her in 2011, but I was never happy with her.  I added some sculpted hair to cover her ears, which I did not like.  I am very happy to have finally painted blue eyes that satisfy me.  The paint for the eyes didn't have any blue in it at all - only gray and brown.  There must be some blue in the gray paint.

Ruby is going to get a smocked dress.  I have never smocked before.  My mom and I are going to have a smocking party and she will teach me how.


  1. So how geeky is it that I'm so excited for you? A SMOCKING PARTY!!! Your dolls are sweet as always, and I love the little brown one at top.

  2. It's a wonder that the police didn't haul us away for disturbing the peace at the smocking party. It was a wild and crazy time.