Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Doll with side part

Since he has a side part, he's a boy.  Hopefully, I'll make him some clothes before summer!  He's made from Dixie's pattern.


  1. HE is beautiful (can't boys be beautiful, too)! I love his side part, and what great boots he is wearing. I have been giving my girls side parts (get tired of parted down the middle), but they aren't Izannah era dolls...guess that's acceptable. I predict this little guy will be dressed within a week!

  2. And a pony. He needs a pony. :~P
    He's great Elaine. Hey--I contacted Edyth...she said come visit...you wanna?

  3. Love Him! Can't wait to see him finished. I'm sure he will be wonderful!

  4. Hi Elaine, I know your boy will be great. Like everyone else I want to see him dressed up. I noticed you came over to my blog. I'm glad. I visit you alot. martha