Sunday, September 11, 2011

A little feather tree and a cathedral

I just finished this little feather tree.   Now I need to make some cotton spun fruit ornaments.
A corner of the living room

Christopher brought his cathedral blocks out this weekend.  He's watching a lecture series on Gothic cathedrals and having his first French lesson next week.  So he's pretty convinced that we'll take him to France very soon.   He's a very hopeful boy.


  1. Crazy about your little feather tree...looks like Edyth's house...and that's a BIg compliment!

  2. Thanks, guys! I was inspired to make the feather tree by seeing Edyth's trees with her dolls under them. And it's really not hard at all. You just have to get the hang of it. I used this tutorial: And I ordered the feathers from this website: I'm so happy with my tree!

  3. Also, my house is a bit different than Edyth's - I had to scrape the coating of legos and nasty dog toys off the floor before taking that photo.

  4. The feather tree is a. perfect and b. perfect in that corner! Your dolls are so beautiful in that setting, too.

  5. Love the feather tree! I have always wanted to make one and will check out that youtube video. Thanks for posting that!
    I also love the cathedral blocks. Very neat!

  6. The feather tree is perfect. I love decorating with them, year round.
    Your dolls are amazing .. You are truly talented and thanks so much for sharing.