Monday, May 23, 2011

An Edyth/Elaine/Dixie doll - Abigail

When I visited my friend, Edyth O'Neill last summer, she gave me a little face mask that she had painted many years ago.  She had put it aside because it had some small dents in it.  I loved it, so I decided to make the mask into a doll.  Her name is Abigail.  Edyth is a wonderful oil painter.  She has made beautiful portraits of children in old fashioned dress.  And she used to make Izannah dolls, using masks like Abigail's.  She has a beautiful blog:  Visit it!

I made a custom designed cloth head for Abigail.  Her mask is sewn onto the front of the head.

I used Dixie's IW pattern for the body, enlarged to 175%.  Abby is BIG!  Note the rat terrier, snuggling next to Abigail.

I made Abigail a bonnet with ruffles and lace and sculpted a breastplate and painted her back curls. I only had a face mask to work with, so I decided to embellish Abigail this way. It would have been difficult to match Edyth's hair and skin tone. so I made defined boundaries between the face and the rest of the parts that needed painting.  I soaked the ruffles in Paverpol, to make them VERY stiff.   This was the first time that I had used Paverpol.  It REALLY made them stiff. 

Abigail and Tace, a standard sized Dixie doll.

I love Abigail's sweet face.  Thank you, Edyth and Dixie!


  1. she is beautiful.I love her face.
    very beautiful dress and bonnet.

  2. You are a smart cookie. And I like the idea that we somehow collaborated on this doll together. ;-) She's wonderful.

  3. Abigail is awesome! Love the collaboration and that pix of her gazing out the window.

  4. Your dolls get better and better all the time. Your choice in fabrics are always top notch!

  5. She is lovely! Before I read about her, I just looked at the pictures and thought to myself that she is really beautiful, but she looked a bit different from your other dolls. No wonder!
    Her bonnet really looks great too.

  6. Love Abigail and love the story that goes with her. Great work Elaine!

  7. A great group effort, she looks fabulous. Lizzie.