Thursday, March 17, 2011

Turkey Red Dress for Delphine

Delphine has a turkey red dress, made from reproduction early 1800's fabric.  Here's some history on turkey red dye:

I painted a fancy rim of a chemise onto her body.  I noticed this detail in the book German Papier Mache Dolls 1760 - 1860, by Christine Grafnitz.  


  1. Oooooooooh! Pretty dress! Love the print.

  2. She is as qute as can be! Her dress i marvellous, what lovely print and color! and her litte red shoes...
    Regard Monica

  3. Elaine, you are amazing, I love how you have done the research on the color - I followed the link and read everything about turkey red, amazing. I can't wait to utilize that site more. As I told you on Maida, love the painted chemise and now that you list your inspiration from an actual antique doll - I love it even more. Thank you for sharing ---- Kathie

  4. Great!! I dream to make such doll