Friday, March 25, 2011

Day #7 of Doll Class - Kachina Dolls

Today, the kids learned about Kachina spirit dolls.  I showed them a Kachina doll and read them a picture book about Kachinas.  Then they made their own dolls, using clothespins as armatures, Crayola Model Magic as sculpting material, and twigs, feathers, and tiny shells for embellishment.  They immediately understood the idea of creating a doll that embodied an entity from the spirit world.  I love how young children are so connected to the universe. 

The book is "The Lost Kachina" by Heather Irbinskas.
One child made a Cat Spirit Kachina, in honor of her dead cat.  There was also a Hermit Crab Spirit, embodying the spirit of a dearly departed, beloved crab.

We also had a Beach Spirit, representing the spirit of everything beachy.  There was also a Robot Spirit.  These little doll makers are THE BEST!


  1. Hi, Thanks for popping over to my blog, cheers from New Zealand, Marie

  2. I just saw your comment on Courtney's blog and hunted you down! This is fascinating!!

  3. A - Uh oh. Now you know my alter-ego - the crazy doll Elaine. Are you scared???