Monday, February 28, 2011

New Doll and Day #4 of Doll Class

New Doll

I love doll profiles.

We made gourd dolls in the most recent doll-making class.  The kids learned about gathering fabric by making a little cape for their dolls.  The rock is a baby.  The shell is the baby's cradle.

A very fancy gourd doll.

More gourds and babies and shell cradles.



  1. Another wonderful doll. And so fun to see the dolls from your doll classes. :-)

  2. Thanks, Dixie. My favorite photo from this post is the rock twins. It cracks me up that I can work so hard to plan elaborate doll projects for these little girls and they're thrilled with rock babies. So cute.

  3. Elaine, you new doll is just wonderful. Just beautiful. I love your work. Are you considering signing up at Doll Town Marketplace to sell any of your dolls? Just wondering. Love your comments about the little girls doll making adventures--those twins are funny! :) Penni

  4. I'm considering putting a doll on Doll Town. It sure seems more friendly and easy than ebay.