Sunday, February 13, 2011


We did a self portrait challenge doll in the Maida Doll Group.  It was a blast.  Here I am!  She doesn't look exactly like me, but she has my spirit.  I had never sculpted teeth in a doll, but since I remember a very happy childhood, I needed teeth for Lainie's smile.    Mom used to sew most of my clothes.   I remember lots of ricrac.  She always added matching pants or shorts or culottes because I was upside down a lot of the time, flipping on monkey bars and doing cartwheels.  This doll was made with Dixie's IW workshop pattern.  Love that pattern!


  1. You really caught the happiness of your childhood in this creation. What a tribute to your parents that is. :-)

    You have an amazing dollmaking ethic. Whilst I'm still in the dreaming phase you are DONE. Great job!