Monday, December 20, 2010

Sweet little china head and her weird sister

Edyth O'Neill gave me a little broken china head.  She became a real doll this week.  She's very happy.  Her name is Nan.  The dress fabric is from an old quilt top scrap that Edyth found on a scavenging spree.  I still need to give her some boots.

Here's Nan in her birthday suit, with her patched shoulder plate visible.  Her sister is a strange Queen Anne style doll that I'm making.

Here's the shard.

Nan, before restoration.


  1. Isn't it fun to fix these dolls up? I believe by holding these old ones in our hands we develop a kind of memory for their shapes that informs our own sculpting.

    And doesn't that sound so la-di-da artsy? ;-) But it's true.

    I laughed out loud when I read "her weird sister". You have the BEST sense of humor.

  2. Elaine,
    I always love reading your blog. You are precious!
    Great recent work too!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Thanks, Penni and Dixie! I agree, Dixie, about how inspiring it is to hold and handle old dolls. It definitely helps us form memories for their shapes and their overall look/feel. I love Nan's hairstyle. I'm going to try to sculpt a doll with that hair.