Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I made this doll for my mom for Christmas.  Mom made the dress, underclothes and the quilt.  The doll's name is Carol.

Carol, again.

Carol and Gypsy, the rat terrier, who is resisting the urge to gnaw on Carol's little foot...

Dolls have a New Year's tea party at Mom's house with some vintage tin dishes.  The beautiful little doll table was made by Jack O'Neill, Edyth's husband. 

Gypsy enjoys Mom's hooked rugs, especially this chicken rug.


  1. Carol is beautiful, and I love her dress fabric!

  2. I love the little tea party! Carol is beautifully made with such a sweet expression.
    Happy New Year to you and yours (Gypsy too!!!)

  3. Not only lovin' the dollies, but that tea table and hooked rug are beauties too. Did you hook it?

  4. My mother hooked the chicken rug. It's a GREAT rug!

  5. Wow! Carol is so cute! I like the color too. The idea of dolls having tea party is isn't new but you were able to make it fresh yet classy. Gypsy is also adorable!

    My daughter, Averie, likes handmade dolls. However, there's no problem with her to receive commercial dolls from loved ones. Lately, she was able to score lovely doll clothes. For 18 inch doll to shine in the play room, it's clothing must be attractive, like how Carol was made. Now, Averie's collection of doll clothes for 18 inch dolls increased.

    Thanks for sharing, McNally! I'm so impressed with the doll, Carol.