Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tiny Christmas Dolls!

Here are some little gift dolls that I just made. This time, I covered the paper clay heads with a nice cotton knit that I got from Susie McMahon. It's good stuff!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Allie's doll in a jacket, tiny new dolls on a dog

Allie's little doll went for a walk on a cool day and Allie took a picture. Gypsy, the rat terrier, was sleeping in her bed as 4 little dolls joined her.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

War planes at the Hangar Hotel

Christopher says, "These were taken a few days ago during the re-opening festitivies of the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, Texas. Me and my dad went there for Pearl Harbor Day. In the first picture, I am next to a Curtis P-40, either Tomahawk or Kittyhawk. The other one is a F4F Wildcat built by Grumman. They are from WWII. The Wildcat is the last flying example of the air frame. The airplanes were at the Gillespie Country airport, right outside our hotel, the Hangar Hotel. The other planes were a TBM Avenger ( the airplane that George Bush flew in during WWII), a Douglas C47 in a field (built in 1944), some observation aircraft, and some others.

Little Freckled Doll, Zelma (purple dress) and Eulalie


Little Freckles is 10". Zelma is 22". And Eulalie is somewhere in the middle.

I had planned on trying out cartridge pleating on Zelma's dress, but I chickened out. I didn't feel like putting in the extra effort on such a large dress. Maybe next time...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

December Dolls

The one who is dressed is named Eulalie because I'm reading "Gone with the Wind" and I saw the name in the book. I didn't make the dress. I found it at Goodwill Blue Hanger for a quarter. It seems older. The lace is cotton and the seams are from an older machine. Also, the fabric has an interesting, funky, geometric print. Her pretty little slip is from Edyth O'Neill's booth in an antique mall in Fredericksburg, Texas. The lace is so pretty. I'm going to work on the other doll's clothes this week. I think her dress will be purple calico, but I'm not sure. My task for the week is to learn how to do cartridge pleating on this dress.

Dolls from the Washington on the Brazos museum

They're both wax dolls. Supposedly, they are from the 1830's or 40's. They have such sweet expressions.


My friend Courtney made the beautiful doll quilt for me (using Civil War repro fabrics) and I made the doll for her. I love the quilt! She tied it instead of quilting it because she read that little doll quilts were usually tied. The backing is a vintage sheet.

Edith Flack Ackley dolls?

I bought one at a doll show and found another at an antique mall. They really look like Edith Flack Ackleys to me. I mean, it looks like the makers used EFA patterns to make the dolls. But there's no way to really tell, I guess.

Litte Blue Riding Hood and two other dolls

Here are some more dolls. Little Blue Riding Hood was completely re-done with a new layer of paper clay and paint. I love paper clay.

Old Doll Quilts

I took these photos of old doll quilts at the Dorothy Meredith Doll Show in San Antonio. Incredible quilts.

Allie's doll : Olive Green

Allie made the head from Sculpy and painted it. She also designed the pattern for the body, arms, and legs. I helped with the dress and assembling the body. Her name is Olive Green.

Sisters in dresses from vintage fabric

The black and yellow flowered fabric was from that old bag of scraps that I found at Lilly Mae's booth. All of the bias tape came from an antique store.

Feedsack dress and antique undies

I love her underwear. It's from a doll show. Someone was selling older doll clothing. The little tucks and lace are so precious.

Nettie and Lettie

I painted and crackled Nettie twice. Lettie is wearing a dress that my mother made for a Lottie Bertha doll in Lafayette, LA a long time ago.

My Babyland Rag and New York dolls

Here are my versions of a Babyland Rag doll and New York doll. I found the yo-yo quilt behind rag baby at Goodwill. It was in tatters. I tried to give it new life. The yo-yo's are made from head scarves from the 50's and 6o's. My New York doll is sitting in a old child's chair that I got from an antique store near Bardstown, Ky.

Washington on the Brazos Dress

We went to the Washington on the Brazos museum last month. This little dress was on display. It's from the 1830's-40's, the years when Texas was a republic. I used it as inspiration for the dress on the doll that I named Brazoria.

Tiny Dolls

These are my first attempts at tiny dolls. The experience was painful, yet strangely rewarding.

Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad cocker spaniel

This doll is wearing a cape that my mother made for my Baby Sweetums doll that I had when I was 3. It has been worn by many of my dolls and my daughter's stuffed animals.

Kids, Terrier, Husband

Gypsy is our rat terrier. My kids and husband are in front of a Focke Wulfe FW190 that is at a flight museum in San Antonio. It's a German airplane from WWII. The bottom photo is self explanatory.