Sunday, July 17, 2011

Memaw's House

My mom, Martha Rutledge, makes beautiful little doll quilts.  Here's one of her new ones.

Here's another one.  I love this one!
She also made these two adorable little rag dolls.
One of Mom's many sewing corners.

Sweet tableau in Mom's house.
She made the rag doll on left for me a long time ago.  I made Olive, on the right.  She made Olive's beautiful new dress.  Olive's dress fabric is a Civil War repro fabric.  The color is a bluish green.  Mom told me that this was a common shade of green because the yellow became fugitive from the original green, leaving more blue.  Sometimes the blue would fade, leaving a poison green tone.  Also, the print is called a foulard.  Foulards had a diagonal repeating pattern and were very popular during the 19th century.
Mom and my kids, arranging diamonds that Mom paper pieced for a larger quilt.


  1. Like Mother, like daughter...extremely talented and back it up with hard work. I love the little quilts (especially the blue and brown one), the rag doll, Olive and her gorgeous dress (love the color), and most of all the KIDS!

  2. Beautiful! I love shades of blue and also red.
    I also love the dolls and the dress your Mom made. Civil War repro fabrics are wonderful. I have a stash of them for future dolly dresses, if I can ever get motivated to make them.