Monday, June 13, 2011

Dolls and Distractions

Here is my first attempt at oil painting a doll.  The drying time is going to drive me batty.  I suppose that I don't need to let it dry completely before I add another coat of skin color.  I'll make doll dresses for my crackled girls in between oil painting sessions.
Sweet dolly Christmas card from 1940's.
Aftermath of a 10 kid sleepover...note dark circles under eyes...these two told me that they got exactly 20 minutes of sleep.
These managed to create a Polly Pocket universe, despite waking up at 4:30 am...

Portal marathon...

Catching up on Bat Boy news...

Adoration of rat terrier...

Consumption of large quantities of sugar...



  1. Oh, Elaine. I so love to come to your blog and see some of the same crazy-ness that I witness here. Yes, waiting for oil paint to dry is a test of patience. Good luck with that! One way to handle this is to do a base coat in acrylic and subsequent layers in oil paint. I haven't painted with oil paints in about 20 years...not sure if I can now. I did try one doll with it and that waiting, OH THE on other dolls while you wait.

  2. I already don't like oil paints. 6 hours and no change.

  3. Your post makes me miss the days when my kids were home. Granted, at that age they were too cool to speak to me, but I miss them. :~)