Wednesday, March 2, 2011

5 minutes in 1999 - a tale of two chairs and three toddlers

Allie, Christopher, Patrick

I was reminded of these photos while I was posing Naomi, my new doll, in the little wooden chair that Allie has vacated in this shot.  Allie has her eye on Patrick's chair.  Christopher is preparing himself for his future with an orthodontist in this photo.

Allie demonstrates how to remove a brother from a chair.  Squeeze in from behind and try to act casual.

Now Christopher gets the red chair.

More chair shuffling.  Pat and Christopher play the bongos.

Allie solves the chair issue by relocating.

End of 5 minutes.  Maybe it was only 30 seconds.  A lot can happen to three toddlers in 30 seconds.  A lot can happen to three 13-year-olds in 30 seconds too.


  1. These photos ... and the accompanying chair stories ... are just too wonderful! Thanks for sharing :-)